Briques Wood Fuel Briquettes

An Authorised Fuel on the RHI Biomass Supplier List and an Approved Fuel on the Ready to Burn Scheme

Premier Logs Briques Briquettes are produced from locally sourced Virgin Wood. Dried to below 10% moisture content these are a very cost effective wood fuel, our briquetting system process produces a high quality briquette of consistent quality and density. A Briques Briquette is produced by compressing the wood to a calculated pressure of 1700 kg/cm2, this releases a natural substance in the wood called Lignin, the Lignin acts as a natural glue binding the wood together ensuring that the briquettes do not fall apart, no binding agents, additives or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process, therefore producing a completely clean organic fuel, the lower the moisture content the better the briquette holds together and the hotter they burn.

Briques Briquettes

Each pack consists of 12 briquettes in heat sealed packs approximately 10kg total weight, the only thing we ask is that you store them in a dry place. The remaining ash can be safely used as a garden fertilizer.

Ideal for use on Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Range Cookers, Chimineas and Fire Pits (Check Manufactures Guidelines)

As the demand for Hard Wood Logs increases and the price increases too, Briques Briquettes are a more cost effective and sustainable alternative to Hard Wood Logs, they are clean and easy to handle, safe to stack and store, unlike logs they are the same shape, size, weight and moisture content. Our Briques Briquettes are a 100% Natural, Carbon Neutral Fuel, the very low moisture content ensures a hotter, longer, consistent burn creating minimum ash and minimum smoke with no spitting or sparks. Just light your fire in the usual way, sit back and enjoy a hot, clean, smoke free fire.