Kiln Dried Hardwood and Kiln Dried Softwood Logs

An Authorised Fuel on the RHI Biomass Supplier List and an Approved Fuel on the Ready to Burn Scheme

Premier Logs Kiln Dried Logs are dried to a moisture content of below 20% therefore achieving maximum efficiency and heat output, significantly reducing the amount of smoke and ash. Newly felled wood has a moisture content of approximately 50%, a proportion of the heat form the fire has to be used to dry the fuel first so heat is lost, wet fuel doesn‘t burn cleanly which can cause pollution and tar deposits in the chimney.

Kiln Dried Logs are ideal for domestic use on Multi Fuel Stoves, Wood Burning Stoves, Open Fires, Range Cookers, Chimneas and Fire Pits. (Check Manufactures Guidelines)

Hardwood and Softwood Logs are available in standard size lengths – approx 25cm, we can also supply 50cm logs for larger Open Fires and Domestic Biomass Boilers, logs can be cut to your specification, please contact us for more information.